Healthy School Achievement Program

Beulah Primary School Embraces Active Travel Initiative


Nurturing a heartwarming culture of health and activity among our cherished students.


With great enthusiasm and pride, Beulah Primary School, has joined hands with the Active Travel Initiative. This wonderful project, led by Rural Northwest Health (RNH), represents a heartening stride towards nurturing physical activity and environmental consciousness in our young learners' hearts across the Yarriambiack Shire.


In a delightful gesture of support, the school has received donation of five charming children's bikes and one adult bike. These aren't just bikes; they're key parts of a wider educational dream. They will enrich our physical education curriculum and offer invaluable, hands-on learning experiences for our students.


Beulah Primary School is committed to weaving bike education into our school's fabric with the support of Rural Northwest Health’s - Health Promotion team. This aligns beautifully with the Victorian governments 'Achievement Program' benchmarks set statewide. This thoughtful approach will not only foster physical well-being but also cultivate vital values such as responsibility, safety, and care for our environment in our students.


We're currently planning the bike training of at least one of our teachers, to ensure everyone can fully benefit from this initiative. The warm and enthusiastic response from our school community to this project truly reflects Beulah Primary School's dedication to nurturing a healthier, more active generation.


With this initiative, we at Beulah Primary School are filled with hope to inspire our students to adopt active travel. We see it as more than just transportation - it's a lifestyle choice that enriches their well-being and cares for our beautiful environment.


This project stands as a glowing beacon of how schools can significantly influence the habits and perspectives of young people towards a brighter, healthier future.”

For more information head to https://www.achievementprogram.health.vic.gov.au/education/schools


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