Bell Times

8:52am - Music 

8:55am - Bell / Morning check in to be ready to learn, teachers mark the roll, students complete jobs, share news, students are notified of any changes to the timetable and then prepare for the day.

9:00am - Bell / Students prepare for morning session

11:00am - Bell to signal end of morning sesssion and the start of recess

11:22am - Music

11:25am - Bell to signal start of middle session

1:25pm - Bell to signal end of middle session and start of lunch

2:02pm - Music

2:05pm - Bell for start of the last session

3:05pm - Bell to signal end of the day 

Music = Music plays for 3 minutes at a time. Songs are chosen by students to play on a loop. These are changed annually. When the music plays this gives students the opportunity to pack up any sports equipment, go to the toilet, get a drink and be ready to start the next session when the bell rings.